Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Hi guys!

I know I am a day late but Merry Christmas, Hannukah or whatever it is you celebrate, I hope you had a fun and safe weekend!

This is the first week in about four that I have gotten to sit down and relax with my laptop to write/edit.

I promise you Book Two of The Devils Curse Novels will be coming soon.. I am working on finding new covers for these books and I’m also looking into using Nook to do some printing as well! 

I have alot of plans for Lucy and hope to bring the new year with tons of new and exciting stories 🙂

As of right now I have Devils Fall on Barnes and Noble, Nook and Amazon so whereever you like to shop I have your back. If you need a link for a specific country to buy Devils Fall on amazon feel free to comment and let me know, I would be more than happy to message you that link.

Hmm, I think for now that is all and I hope you have a Happy New Year! 

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