“Sleepwalker” is Now Available!

Who else is excited!? I feel like jumping up and down but I also need a nap..

At 5 a.m. this morning, I published the long awaited novel in my newest series “The Keyhole Novels.” – “Sleepwalker” a New Adult Psychological Thriller!

“Ashley Niallson ran away from her abusive life in Michigan years ago, When her Aunt passes away and leaves Ashley the farm house she grew up in, she is forced to return to the dysfunctional family and unwanted memories she left behind.

Follow Ashley as she relives the past of the home she grew up in, deals with family turmoil and remembers why she always wanted to escape in this gut-wrenching mind-bender, “Sleepwalker.”

You can now purchase your digital copy of “Sleepwalker” for $2.99!

I will be publishing the paperback version of “Sleepwalker” in a week and there will be a way that you can purchase a signed copy in the New Year!

Get your copy now!

Buy “Sleepwalker” on Amazon!


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