“Don’t wait for opportunity.. Create it!” 

One of my 2018 goals is to create e-books to help aspiring writers have a smoother kickstart to self-publishing.. This is something I started last year but had set aside for this year.

I will announce on my blog when I have the first e-book finished, until then you can download my free tutorials!

Author Tutorials

A sneak peek to the intro of my first e-book, “Convert it Yourself.”

“You dream of becoming the next Cassandra Clare, J.K. Rowling or you dream of having an entire section of your local library dedicated to books by you, like author James Patterson.
“Unfortunately, it takes “TIME,” “Patience,” “Confidence,” and alot of “Effort”  to become even a published author let alone a famous author. You have to convince others that your books are worth the time it takes to sit down with their device or paperback during the day and get completely consumed by your e-book (or novel).

You want your readers day to quickly fade away because they couldn’t possibly fathom the idea of setting your thrilling or mysterious novel down for even five minutes to go use the bathroom.

This is why you want to take the time to learn how to make sure these precious minutes or hours it takes for your reader to read your novel, ebook or short story that there are no faults in the setup of your e-book or novel.

You want the Table of Contents to direct them to where they left off. You want page swipe to swipe once, not three times. You want your Metadata to know it was YOU who created this book from scratch and connect your readers to your other written works. You want to make sure your page numbers are correct on the bottom of your pages.

How about your book cover? Will you hire a cover designer that may hold part of the rights to your novels design or will you take the time to learn how to create a cover yourself?

I will admit that learning how to use these programs when you are a self publishing author just starting out with barely the knowledge or education past what helped you use the keyboard to type your newly written novel – it is scary.. let me correct that, it is absolutely terrifying.

There are words on buttons in these programs you have never even heard of, you don’t know where they will lead. Better yet, you are thinking of ALL of the possibilities that could go wrong just by clicking that button.

I will tell you this: I have clicked those buttons and yes, there are many times I regretted it.

It was all trial and error for me when I first started creating “The Devils Curse Novels”

I began reading all about how to publish my books, I wanted them to see the light but after I read everything that needed to still be done.. I felt like I was going to cry and could never possibly figure it all out on my own.

I didn’t know the difference between an .epub file or a .jpg file, I didn’t know that I would have to convert my manuscript with a special program to create an ebook.

I downloaded my first free conversion program “Calibre” and gave it a try, I messed up multiple times.

The greatest warning I can give is “when you’re tired, anything awful could happen at any given moment.”

Hours of creating my Table of Contents and assigning each directive so when my reader would tap the “ToC” button on their Kindle it would direct them exactly to where they wanted to go.

I was so tired by the time I had taught myself how to convert my manuscript. I was excited to be finished that I exited the program without clicking the one button that haunts every writers nightmares, “Save.”

Needless to say, my Table of Contents was gone, obliterated to the point of no return.

I then sat and cried at my keyboard, told myself I was done and finally gave into getting some rest. I went to sleep knowing that tomorrow I knew how to re-create that Table of Contents.

Whereas it used to take me hours to convert an e-book, I can convert a manuscript within 20 minutes at most now. It makes me proud to be able to say I didn’t go to college to figure this out and thankfully I remember how to still do it and be able to break it down into a step by step guide to be able to share with you guys!

I believe as writers, though we may be independent, we must lend a hand when we know we can help another writer. There are thousands of people out there who believe you should find an editor and a publisher or you’ll never “make it.”

I believe a small village (with a large mug of coffee), can build just about anything.”

We live in a world that thrives off of new creations – new technology, home decor, new stories, new movies, the list goes on – everything is or has been created..

So, why wait for opportunity to knock at your door when you can create it?

Stop waiting by the phone and waiting on that e-mail, get your ideas brewing and create something!


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