“Sleepwalker” Readers Review!

In the past few months that “Sleepwalker” has been released, I have been overjoyed by the response of how many people are reading, plan to read and have left their feedback and reviews on Goodreads and Amazon!

When I wrote “Sleepwalker” was during a very hard time in my life (I know, when haven’t you write during a “hard time”!?) but that’s just how it goes. I had originally planned for this book to be a short story about a girl in a haunted farmhouse and I wanted to release it on Halloween last year. Instead, I ended up in the hospital with Sepsis. My mom actually has a photograph of me hooked up to IV’s with nurses around me and a laptop in my lap, writing.

This book turned into a way for me to purge all of my feelings, from past experiences to moving when I was young to what I felt being stuck in a hospital bed once again. I had gotten to a point I couldn’t sleep until I had finished it.

The only thing is, after I had finished “Sleepwalker” in December I had exhausted myself to the point that I couldn’t write anymore. It is a Psychological Thriller for a reason, and to write a psychological thriller means it is going to change you, and it is going to bend your mind.

The past three months I have not written a word (besides random notes) and I am excited that I finally am writing again! These reviews mean so very much to me, good or bad.  A review means that all of the nights I have lost sleep means something more than just my need to get the words out of my head, but that I am doing what I love and that I am not wasting time publishing.

Like a reader reads to escape, I write to escape.

Goodreads Reviews:

Tina Sanders of Read N’ Reviews:

Sleepwalker: A Keyhole Novel (The Keyhole Novels Book 1) by Sarah A. Kenney is a short story that will keep you wanting more. Right from the first couple pages I wanted to read this book and do nothing else. When I started reading I wanted to know what the “accident” was that had happened. There is never a moment of relaxing. I feel so bad for the main character, Ashley, who seems to go from one bad event in her life to another. It was so well written that I had no trouble envisioning everything that was happening.
I think the ending was one of the best that I’ve ever read. Just when you think it’s over….surprise! And the surprises just keep coming. I actually finished the book and sat there saying whoa, why, how and mostly what?
I feel as though I should write more for this review, but at the same time if I do I might give away the story. Just trust me. If you love short stories, thriller and horror books, this is a definite read.

Bonnie Van-Dyke’s Goodreads Review:

I personally know this author and was excited to read her work. Once I began reading this book, I didn’t want to put it down! Needless to say I finished it quite quickly. I would recommend this book to anyone.

Karla Kay Peterson’s Goodreads Review:

This is my kind of psychological thriller. Exciting, enthralling, heart-wrenching and many ghostly moments. It was a definite page turner, I had to know what was going to happen next. The ending was actually a surprise, not what I was expecting. I really enjoy reading books by new authors and I am looking forward to reading more by Sarah Kenney. As it states in the blurb, this is not for anyone younger than 18 or for the faint of heart. But if these are the kinds of books you enjoy, I recommend it.
Quote: “It is so much harder to live, than it would be to die.”


Thank You so much for your reviews and taking the time to read my novels!

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