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Are you having a hard time deciding between the choice of whether you want to turn your manuscript into an eBook or a Paperback? Publish both!

When you publish in both eBook and Paperback your chances of being noticed and having sales increases! Many readers may download your eBook but they may want that personal feeling of being able to feel the pages of a paperback between their fingers. Also, I have noticed from my own sales that I have actually noticed that many readers do not like to purchase books online or may not own a kindle. This usually results in them asking, “Do you have a print version I could purchase?”

With Amazon and Barnes and Nobles, you have the choice to get your own proof copies at a cheaper rate. This helps you to stock up on copies so that you can have one in hand as soon as they ask!

If you would like more information and a packaged deal including eBook conversion, paperback formatting and extra sales advice sounds like what you are looking for then check my rates below!

*Packaged Deals*
*Beginner: $125 (3-4 weeks)

(If you are starting out as a new writer, this is your first book you’ve published and you have questions about using Amazon KDP then this is the package for you!)
You will receive
– eBook Conversion: You will receive ePub and .mobi files, if your publishing platform prefers a different file type after you receive this service then I will convert your file type for free!
– Paperback formatting – Paperback formatting will include special font design for your title and chapter titles. Proper alignment so your chapters always begin on the right hand side. Page numbering and more. You will receive the finished product in PDF.
-Walk through to publishing on KDP/Amazon, choosing KDP select and Kindle Unlimited, I will also provide you with a list of popular keywords related to your genre to ensure your book is found in search.
*Pro: $200 (4 weeks) – This isn’t your first novel you’ve published, but you are noticing that self publishing isn’t as easy as you thought it would be and would like some extra help then this package is for you!
You will receive
-eBook conversion: You will receive ePub and .mobi files, if your publishing platform prefers a different file type after you receive this service then I will convert your file type for free!
-Paperback formatting: will include interior designs for the title and chapter titles. Paperback Conversion to your choice of size of book (5×8, 6×9, etc.. I will help you choose.)
– Your choice of Amazon or Barnes & Noble tutorial along with a list of the top 30 most popular keywords at the moment related to your genre. Your choices include a WordPress author website design or a walk through to setting up a Facebook author page.
Please note: When publishing interior in color, self publishing sites like Amazon, charge more for color interior than they do for black and white interior. This may result in your royalty earnings being less than if you were to publish a black and white interior.
You can view my own self published works and website design at: Amazon Author Page Author Websit

Author Packages
Beginner $125.00 USD
Pro $200.00 USD


Please contact me with your interest at Serious authors only, please.

Please read…
This is a non-refundable service. It is the sole responsibility of the client (author) to have their book edited prior to myself providing this service for them. The converted file will be the clients final and official step before publishing to Amazon or other publishing service. I am not responsible for any copyrighted materials. I am solely the converter of your files and hold no copyright or ownership of your copyrighted materials. All materials that I view and convert are solely between myself and the client. No materials shared between myself and the author will be disclosed to the public or copied and published other than through the author themselves.