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Sarah A. Kenney is a Michigan-Based Author of Young Adult Fantasy, Mystery and Psychological Thrillers.

I began writing when I was 12 years old, all of my stories were nightmares I had. I was going through an uncertain time in my life that included moving and family health scares. I reached a point that I wouldn’t sleep because of my nightmares, so I started to write them down. I wrote them inside of a leather journal and told myself if they were inside of a book, they were out of my head.

I stopped writing, distracted by life and other passions I had throughout these years. The nightmares didn’t stop though.

When I was 19 years old, I was cleaning out my closet after having left an abusive relationship and found my leather journal with all of my plots, twists and stories. This was a time that the nightmares were at their worst and I needed an outlet that would save me.

I decided to turn off all social media and wear my headphones for 8-12 hours a day, only writing. I surrendered to my nightmares and decided to give them a breath of life. I had stories that wanted to be written, so I let them.

In one year, I finished 8 novels. Most of them are not published yet and are sitting in my pile of “to be edited” files and nobody know even the title of these books! (Soon.. 😉)

Since then I have written “Devils Fall”, “Devils Dream”, “Devils Mark”, “Sleepwalker”, “Carousel” and “What Dreams are Made of..” that were all published in 2017!

2018’s Upcoming Releases include:

*”Devils Ascension” – The 4th release of YA Fantasy Series, “The Devils Curse Novels”

*”Ghost of the Past” – #2 in The Keyhole Novels, Adult Psychological Thriller.

*”Eternal Fate” – Book One in The Eternal Enemies Series; Young Adult Murder/Mystery.

In 2018, I started a new writing project, Project Finding HOPE 365 in hopes to collect 365 stories from 365 people to give the reader 365 days of HOPE. The mission of this project is to create one book filled with real-life experiences through true stories from people who have struggled with Mental Illness, Poor Health, Addiction, Loss, etc. that will give the reader Hope that tomorrow will come and it will be filled with HOPE.

If you would like to contribute your story to Project Finding Hope 365 please e-mail If you would like to contribute to the Finding HOPE 365 Newsletter starting in February, please e-mail your interest to write a short story, poem or a piece of artwork to

Project Finding HOPE 365