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Sarah A. Kenney is a Michigan-Based Author and Ambassador of the new writing project – Project Finding HOPE 365.

In 2017, Sarah has released 3 of 5 novels in her Young Adult series, “The Devils Curse Novels”, Two of her poetry books “Carousel” and “What Dreams are Made Of..” and is currently releasing her first Psychological Thriller, “Sleepwalker.”

Sarah created Project Finding HOPE 365 in hopes to collect 365 stories from 365 people to give the reader 365 days of HOPE. The mission of this project is to create one book filled with real-life experiences through true stories from people who have struggled with Mental Illness, Poor Health, Addiction, Loss, etc. that will give the reader Hope that tomorrow will come and it will be filled with HOPE.

If you would like to contribute your story to Project Finding Hope 365 please e-mail  If you would like to contribute to the Finding HOPE 365 Newsletter starting in February, please e-mail your interest to write a short story, poem or a piece of artwork to

Project Finding HOPE 365





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