“Anxious Mind” by Sarah A. Kenney

I woke up a few nights ago and wrote this poem, I was going to save it like most of my poetry for submission but I would rather just share it for anyone who feels the same certain days.. Remember, it’s okay to not be okay..

Finding Motivation to Write..

Finding Motivation to Write..

Huge News in 2018!

Huge news for 2018! I am over the moon excited to announce that you are looking at the new Grand Rapids Ambassador for Women who Write – Grand Rapids Chapter, (Women who Write GR) Presented by Hook a Sista Up (HASU) a platform for women entrepreneurs! More information coming soon! My bio will be added…

“You Matter”

Hey everyone! My Mother and I own an online shop called Saribears, we make 100% handmade items. I have volunteered with Letters Against Depression since July and have helped with writing letters of Hope and Support to people battling mental illness. Saribears recently has started to design “YOU MATTER” card, these have handmade therapy color-in…

Sleepwalker: A Keyhole Novel

Ashley Niallson has had a long 3 years of heartbreak while living in Chicago.. When her Aunt passes away and leaves Ashley the farm house, she is forced to head back home and remember the reason why she left in the first place..

Let’s Play a Game..

I haven’t had Writer’s Block in quite some time, I usually have characters, plots and notes on every little detail of how a book is going to happen and I always start at the End.. Lately, I have been in a slump and have not wrote anything in about 2 weeks. This is something I…

Letters against Depression..

Hello again! I wanted to share a very cool, supportive charity that I am honored to be volunteer for,  I have recently picked up as a writer for “Letters Against Depression” Letters against Depression has one simple, but robust mission: To help lift up those who suffer from Depression and other Mental illness. The person who…