Let’s Play a Game..

I haven’t had Writer’s Block in quite some time, I usually have characters, plots and notes on every little detail of how a book is going to happen and I always start at the End..

Lately, I have been in a slump and have not wrote anything in about 2 weeks. This is something I NEED, I need to write or I feel like I am going crazy.. 

I figured out a little game to play to get your brain rebooted and thought I would share!

Grab a pen and paper or your laptop, something to write or type on.. 

Start blasting a list of names.. It doesn’t matter if these names have meaning yet just write them, maybe change their spellings even..

Once you have your list of names and your brain has run empty, start from the first name and think of who this person would be.. Then the second, third, etc.. If you get to a name and can’t think of ANYTHING that gives this name a life, cross it off.

Once you get to the end of your list, you now have a small (or large) character roster to choose your main character out of..

Take their stories and their names, now do the same with “Titles” except these are what genre, then write a plot based on the genre you chose and use the names from your roster. 

Once you have all of these you have all the essentials to write atleast a short story to kick start your brain! 

The whole issue with writers block is our brain cannot think of “words” which unfortunately in this case is our lives.. but once you force it  to “create” like you’re the BOSS, you will get back at it!

Have Fun!


Letters against Depression..

Hello again!

I wanted to share a very cool, supportive charity that I am honored to be volunteer for,  I have recently picked up as a writer for “Letters Against Depression”

Letters against Depression has one simple, but robust mission: To help lift up those who suffer from Depression and other Mental illness. The person who needs to be lifted up by one of LAD’s writers can simply submit their story about their battle with depression or other mental illness (i.e. Bipolar, PTSD, Anxiety, Anorexia, Addiction, etc..)

Then, we as letter writers will go through the stories and claim a recipient, we will write a letter to help lift that person up and spread light on their situation within a week of claiming the recipient!  (Recipients location stays private, letters from writers are mailed to the charity for that specific person and they then forward them.)

I am very excited, as a person who has battled with depression since I was 12 years old and was diagnosed with PTSD, I am happy that I can help use what I do to brighten someone’s day who is experiencing depression or another illness.

If you have time to write a letter, please contact Rob through Letters Against Depression

If you feel like you could use a letter, PLEASE submit your story to lettersagainst.org!