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I want to thank everyone whose been waiting patiently for the release of “Devils Fall”. I am excited to be able to tell you that book two has already been written and finished for the past eight months and it is heading into the editing process!

For the first 100 buys of “Devils Fall” on Amazon I will post a sneak peek into Book 2 of The Devils Curse Novels!

You can download “Devils Fall” on Amazon kindle or download Amazons app to be able to read it on any device.

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“He was a Demon who dreamed of a Star..

She was a Star who dreamed of Falling…”

-“Devils Fall”

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I’ve been working hard to finish up the last edits of “Devils Fall” along with setting up different social media accounts so  I can reach out and share Lucy Morningstars story with everyone!

Whether you’re a Facebooker or Instagramer I have you covered!

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Exact release date is unavailable at this time but “Devils Fall” the first book of the “Devils Curse Novels” will be released this October through Amazon! 

The book description has been released!

“Lucy is your typical, rebellious teenager.. The only difference is she’s Lucifer Morningstars daughter.. As future Queen of Hell she’s pulled between her Fathers wishes and her curious love of the Mortal World.. 

Follow Lucy in this twisted, loveable thrill ride as the Devils daughter finds her destiny in the first novel of The Devils Curse Novels,

“Devils Fall”.”

Coming Soon..

Welcome to The Cursed Author Blog!

In the month of September I will be announcing my new E-Books release date, Title and much more.. I will be starting a monthly update on announcements starting after the release of my new E-Book..

I have been working hard on this series since September 2015! I have just finished using Calibre to edit and format Book One, After thirteen times of editing and formatting in HTML I am so excited to say that I’m pretty sure the hardest part of writing is finally over.

I can’t wait to announce the Title and information to you all, Check back in the month of September to find out more info!

~The Cursed Author~