“Devils Fall” Chapter Preview

“How is he standing?” I whimper. Sam opened the door again peeking to look down at father, “Arms crossed, leaning and waiting against the ladder.” His eyes searched my expression for comfort, he did not find any. “Ohhhhhh. Not good, not good, not good.” I whisper harshly, pacing the attic floor. “Why’s that not good?…

A look inside “Sleepwalker” ..

A look inside “Sleepwalker..”

Author Update!

Author Update! Sad Confession: I haven’t written a word in 2 months! 😩 Between health issues, brain fog and just being exhausted in general it has been so hard to get motivated to write and plot – “Devils Ascension” is one of the biggest and most complex novels I have written, so many characters and…

Merry Christmas!

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!🎄  You can now buy the set of The Devils Curse Novels all signed, dated and shipped within a week! Get your copies before the final two novels are released in 2018!  (#1 Devils Fall) (#2 Devils Dream)  (#3 Devils Mark)    Limit: 15 sets    Signed Devils Curse Set of 3

“Devils Mark”

Hello everyone! I am terrible at updating wordpress and I apologize for the long wait! I am going to try to get better at updating this site along with Facebook, Instragram, Goodreads and Author Central. I have been busy trying to get The Devils Curse Novels published and into ebook and paperback formats.. 3 of…