“Devils Fall” now available on Barnes & Noble!


So, “Devils Fall” has been available on Amazon since last year in October. I have been offering Devils Fall through Kindle Unlimited for the past 3 months, as you know this means I was in a 3 month contract to stay exclusively with Amazons KDP Select..

I am excited to announce that I am venturing out with “Devils Fall” and you can now order your copy through Barnes & Noble!

Order now and find out how you are eligible for FREE SHIPPING! 🙂

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72 Hours.. Happy Thanksgiving

​Okay, so I know I told all of you that I would have an announcement within 72 hrs. Unfortunately! I do not have the update that I was hoping to share YET. I will however tell you what I am up to and in the middle of paperwork for.

I have recently decided I wanted to be able to have the possibility to reach out to everyone, not just the ones who have Kindle and who have access to download the app to run “Devils Fall” on other devices.. So, I read up on different sources that allow you to publish your book even if its through another source already and I came across Barnes and Nobles.. Who, ofcourse, team up with NOOK to be able to sell self publishing and publishers author ebooks WITH the possibility to buy, print and sell eventually the ebook in Print. 

So Saturday came along and I dove in and sent in the manuscript, filled out the extra forms and waited for permission to publish but I received that it takes them longer to look over tax information so that isn’t any answer “no” it is only a “this will take a smidgen longer than planned.” Now, NOOK also sells not only through B&N but this would spread Lucy to anyone who has an IPad, IPod, Android, etc.! You can see why I’m so excited, right?

I want there to be no restrictions on who can or cannot access my books, now or in the future. 

Again, I apologize that this update doesn’t have a link saying where you can purchase “Devils Fall” besides Amazon but I promise I will update you soon 🙂 I do however have “Devils Fall” up on Amazon, you can find it in the US, UK, CA, IT, IND, and more.. if you do not have a Kindle for the kindle edition right under the ebook on the purchase page you will find a “Get the Free App” that will allow you to read it on any device.


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I hope you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving and fingers crossed I will have more info soon 🙂 

~The Cursed Author~ 

Now Available on Amazon.com!

Devils Fall on Amazon!


“He was a Demon who dreamed of a Star..

She was a Star who dreamed of Falling…”

-“Devils Fall”

“Devils Fall” is available on Amazon.com!

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